Wide-step trampoline ladder and trampoline wind stakes.
Trampoline with blue spring pad sitting in grass yard with wide-step trampoline ladder attached to frame.
Close-up view of the trampoline ladder hooked onto the trampoline's steel frame.
Child's foot stepping onto the plastic ladder step with grass in the background.
Close-up view of the wide slip-resistant plastic steps.
Four trampoline wind stakes made out of steel.
Three trampoline wind stakes laying in the grass while one wind stake is put on top of the trampoline leg.
Trampoline wind stake fits any trampoline with leg diameter up to 2 inches.

Wide-Step Trampoline Ladder & Wind Stakes


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SAK140.1 - Wide-Step Trampoline Ladder & Wind Stakes

Make your trampoline even more secure with the Skywalker Trampolines Wide-Step Trampoline Ladder & Wind Stakes! The trampoline ladder is made of weather-resistant galvanized steel, and easily hooks onto your trampoline for quick installation. The four 12.5" long wind stakes are constructed of weather-resistant galvanized steel, and will help stabilize your trampoline during strong winds and storms. These accessories are the perfect addition to any trampoline!


  • Ladder is made of weather and rust resistant galvanized steel
  • 2 wide slip-resistant plastic steps provide easy and safe access to the trampoline
  • Ladder fits trampoline rails up to 4" in diameter
  • 4 wind stakes help anchor the trampoline to the ground, fit any trampoline with leg diameter up to 2"
  • NOTE: This ladder is compatible with the 15' x 13' oval, 12' & 13' square, and all round-sized Skywalker Trampolines up to 15'. This ladder will not fit on a trampoline with a frame height higher than 36.5 inches.