About Us

At Skywalker Trampolines, safety has been our primary focus since 2005, when our founders decided to never sell a trampoline without an enclosure net. Over the years, our efforts to achieve the perfect balance between fun and safety have resonated with many parents and families. Skywalker Trampolines has grown from a local company headquartered in Brigham City, UT to a reputable brand sold across 27 retail partners nationwide. Our product selection has also expanded to include sports, fitness, and playground products through our brands Skywalker Sports and ActivPlay.

Safety is our number one priority. That's why we always test our products for safety and durability to ensure they meet or exceed American Society of Testing Materials (ASTM) standards, even though it's not required in the industry. Our patented no-gap enclosure system (Patent #RE45, 182) reinforces that commitment, interlocking with the jump mat to eliminate gaps and pinch points so your family can play safely.

To us, trampolines are more than just trampolines. To many families, trampolines mean healthy lifestyles and family connection. And to some families that have children with autism, trampolines can mean better coping mechanisms. That's why every year we donate to autism awareness and acceptance organizations and gift trampolines directly to families on the spectrum.

With 17 years of experience in the business, we've got a good thing going, but we're always looking to build upon our success and remain leaders in the outdoor play industry. That means each new product line (like our Epic Series) is intentionally designed to ignite a love for play in the young that will grow with age, setting a foundation for an active way of life.