9-foot Geo Dome made of blue powder-coated steel poles with silver bolts connecting each pole.
Close-up view of a steel bolt connecting 6 blue poles together at one end.
Closer view of the underneath and inside of the blue 9-foot Geo Dome.
Birds-eye view of the blue 9-foot Geo Dome sitting in sand.
A little boy sits on the top of the Geo Dome while a little girl hangs onto the inside of the Geo Dome.
The blue 9-foot Geo Dome is 9 feet wide and 4.5 feet tall.

ActivPlay 9' Geo Dome Climber


Regular price $499

Tired of searching "playground near me?" You can bring the entire playground to your backyard with the ActivPlay 9' Geo Dome Climber! Our all-blue geo dome creates a classic kid play area and promotes imaginative play allowing your child to climb, grow, and romp the day away on our top-notch playground equipment! Measuring 9' wide, the Geo Dome Climber is made of powder-coated steel for excellent strength and durability. Our 9' Geo Dome Climber offers an alternative to bigger geo domes, making it a great fit for smaller yards and play areas. Unite the generations and enjoy outdoor adventures with the ActivPlay 9' Geo Dome Climber!


  • PROFESSIONAL QUALITY: Meets or exceeds the American Safety and Testing Materials (ASTM) safety standards. The product is tested up to seven times the recommended normal user weight of 81 pounds - not to exceed a five-user maximum at any given time.
  • IMAGINATIVE PLAY: Turn your backyard into a pirate ship, spaceship, or rainforest tree-house with the Geo Dome Climber. If your kids can imagine it, they can play it on our weather-resistant, steel playground equipment
  • SKILL BUILDER: Add this integral part of playground equipment to your backyard - proven to help develop your children's gross motor skills while soaking up every ounce of fun from outdoor play
  • FIRST IN CLASS WARRANTY: Three-year limited warranty on all parts