Will a Trampoline Fit in My Yard?

Will a Trampoline Fit in My Yard?

Welcome to the Spatially Challenged Club, where basic navigation is hard, and getting the right size Tupperware to fit all your leftovers feels like an Olympic Event. For those of us that are more spatially challenged than others, it can prove difficult to envision how much space a trampoline will actually take up. So, if you need advice before you pull the trigger, keep on reading below! ⬇️

Made to Measure 📏

First things first, if your yard is only 12 feet wide, then trust us, a 12-foot trampoline is not the size for you. Think of your trampoline like a grumpy teenager that needs personal space. It is important to have plenty of clearance on all sides of the trampoline for the safety of the jumper. Leave at least two to three feet of space on all sides, and do not place the trampoline and enclosure too close to walls, buildings, fences, sidewalks, or other play areas. This is the best way to keep you, your trampoline, and your other property safe. You can thank us later. 😏

So back to your original question, “will it fit in my yard?” The first step of this equation is to simply decide what size and shape trampoline you want (you can browse our trampolines here if you haven’t decided already). Trampolines are usually measured outside frame to outside frame, so take the length and width of the trampoline you want (we’ll use the 16’ x 16’ square trampoline for example), and then add 6 feet to both measurements to represent the clearance necessary on each side. Take those numbers and whip out your measuring tape! In our example, if we can successfully measure out an open and clear 22’ x 22’ square space, then we can confirm that the trampoline WILL fit safely in our yard. See, that wasn’t so bad!

If you have a smaller yard and want the most bang for your trampoline buck, it might be better to look at square or rectangular models. Round trampolines will take up almost the same amount of space but offer significantly less jumping surface. The right angles of squares and rectangles better utilize the typical rectangular yard shape, so you can get more jumping surface to fit in that same space. Now that’s what we call efficiency!

Okay, Next Step: Vertical Clearance! 🙌

The sky is the limit, right? 🌤️ Well, not exactly…

Our classic 12-foot trampoline is around 9 feet tall, including the enclosure system. Depending on your height and weight, it can be relatively easy to jump high enough that some of your body will rise above the enclosure net. This means that placing your trampoline directly underneath a tree or even telephone wires can be a bad idea. 😬 You don’t want to risk getting tangled up in anything while jumping, so we recommend at least 24 feet of clear space measured from the ground up just to be safe. Sure, that may seem like a lot of additional space, but like mothers always say, it’s better to be safe than sorry!

If you were hoping to get a bigger trampoline but don’t have the clearance necessary, it’s okay! We offer 8-foot and 10-foot trampolines that are the perfect solution for compact yards. Small trampolines deserve love, too!

And there you go, that’s all the information you need to never have to ask, “Will it fit in my yard?”, ever again. Let’s celebrate my spatially challenged friends with a virtual, spatially aware high five! 🎉