Introducing the New Epic Series

Introducing the New Epic Series
Alright, so we did a thing, and it's EPIC! 🙌

Just like a good parent, we love all of our trampoline models equally, right? 😉. Okay, we know we're not supposed to play favorites (Shhh… don't tell the others), but our new Epic Series is just that, epic, and in more ways than one. The Epic Series boasts several upgrades to our original 16’ round trampoline, yet it carries over the features you’ve grown to love and expect from our brand like our patented no-gap enclosure net, a quality warranty, and a massive jump surface.

So What's Different?
Our goal was to push the limits of our trampolines, so we dialed up the spring count, tightened the coils, and reached our highest-ever weight capacity of 400 pounds. Per ASTM standards, the Epic Series is tested to four times the maximum recommended user weight (400 pounds), so consider yourself and your family ready for take-off. ✈️

More springs you say? Yep, 12 more to be exact, boosting the typical count of 96 to an epic 108 springs. At that point, the stars aligned, and the scales tipped in our favor because the bounce is *chef's kiss* smooth without sacrificing jump height. That’s right, as smooth as a free-flowing mullet with its back to the wind.

Still not convinced? Okay, more features coming your way. ⬇️

Who likes flexing? Yeah, us too. 💪 That’s why we revamped our enclosure pole system, replacing the standard six enclosure poles with 12 durable flex rods that better absorb and cushion impact. In addition to how the product performs, the look had to be just right. We opted for black powder-coated and galvanized steel leg pieces to give it some flair, then adorned the outside with a two-toned colored spring pad and zipper design that flies our logos proud. The Epic Series ensures you’ll look good and if you look good, you bounce great!

Your Epic Adventure Awaits...
It’s now up to you, friend. The 16’ Round Epic Series is the perfect place to play on a safe, durable trampoline that features 158 square feet of jumping space for the whole family. So seriously, what’s stopping you from making the jump from “mehhh” to Epic? Shop our Epic Series Trampoline today!

And don’t forget to tag us on social media when you #PlayEpic. We would love to see your backyard adventures play out from assembly to blast off!