4 Reasons to Buy Your Child a Mini Trampoline

4 Reasons to Buy Your Child a Mini Trampoline

We want the very best for your child, just like you do. That's why we developed mini trampolines designed specifically to provide entertainment while also aiding in your child’s development. Read on to discover four benefits of our mini trampolines, along with fun game ideas to keep your kids progressing as they play!

1. Physical Activity

Mini trampolines are a perfect way to keep your little ones active during the winter months. As your child jumps, they will develop strength, endurance, and balance. They can burn all their excess energy without having to leave the house!

Fun Game Ideas:

  • Make an obstacle course around the house and have the mini trampoline be part of the course.
  • Sing the song, “Five Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed” while your child jumps on the mini trampoline. Each time a monkey falls off the bed, have your child stop jumping and fall down.
  • Play “Hide-and-Go-Seek.” Have your child jump each time they count while others are hiding.

2. Social Skills

Mini trampolines are a great opportunity for kids to practice skills such as taking turns, patience, and open communication. As your child waits their turn to jump, you can teach them the importance of sharing. 

Fun Game Ideas:

  • Host a talent show where kids get to perform their best trampoline tricks. Have each child take a turn demonstrating their best jumps, and then vote on the winner. (This is a perfect way to practice good sportsmanship!)
  • Play a game of “Charades.” Have your child act out an animal while they jump, and others can try and guess what he or she is.
  • Play a game of “Red Light, Green Light.” When “green light” is called, have your child jump. When “red light” is called, have your child stop. If you child moves after “red light” has been called, have another child take their turn.

3. Education

To make learning fun, involve a trampoline! Jumping on a mini trampoline will promote language development by increasing your child’s vocabulary with words such as, “jump”, “open”, “my turn”, and “please”. Jumping is also a great way to give your brain a break so that the mind can better focus on chores or tasks after!

Fun Game Ideas:

  • Have your child sing the “A-B-C’s” as they jump with each letter.
  • Have your child jump in different number patterns. For example, count and jump by twos, threes, fives, and tens….
  • Encourage your child to name the colors found on the mini trampoline or to use the trampoline as a break between longer tasks. 

4. Motor Skills

Your child can improve their gross motor skills and coordination by jumping on the mini trampoline. Trampolines are also a great form of therapy for kids with sensory processing disorders.

Fun Game Ideas:

  • Give your child verbal instructions of different ways to jump. For example: high, fast, slow, etc.
  • Have your child jump on the mini trampoline using two hands on the handlebar, then one hand, then no hands.
  • Have your child test how many jumps in a row they can do while on one leg!

    As the weather gets colder, shop our selection of mini trampolines here to start moving your fun indoors.